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    Nature’s Child sells quality, earth-friendly products for natural pregnancy, babies and children. Their products are made from the heart, care for the earth and encourage individuality, self-esteem, trust and creativity. (AUS)
    The website of Natural Parenting Magazine with lots of fantastic articles and a busy forum or susbcribe to their magazine. (AUS) Including links to local groups in Melbourne and Sydney.

    Natural Parenting Melbourne is a city-wide network of families and professionals aiming to support, educate and celebrate the diversity of natural choices available to families as they journey their way through pregnancy, birth and ongoing parenthood. Holistic concepts supported include natural approaches to health and birth, extended breastfeeding, gentle sleep solutions, baby-wearing, positive discipline, alternative schooling, green living and environmental awareness.
    For more information please email [email protected] or phone Melinda on 03 9754 1347.
    One of the best slings around. Earthslings are great for soothing a fussing baby, using public transport, breastfeeding, bush walks, housework, gardening, shopping or when travelling. Also earth wraps and nursing beads are available.

    Celebrating Motherhood
    Celebrating Motherhood focuses on the transition to motherhood as a joyous, challenging, life changing and definitely something worth celebrating event. The attractively boxed kits contain the framework for each mum-to-be’s own unique celebration. They provide a unique and meaningful alternative to the usual baby shower.

    Gentle Nest baby slings and carriers
    Creators of the Gentle Nest pouch style baby sling. We aim to provide parents with beautiful, functional and natural products, baby pouches, and mei tai, to support babywearing, breastfeeding and attachment parenting. We provide up-to-date information to assist parents in making the best babywearing decisions for their families.

    Birth Steps, Sydney NSW
    The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth
    Approach your birth with confidence! 12 week comprehensive birth preparation course for couples. 0403 222 632

    Birthing the Spirit
    ‘Birthing the Spirit’ is a unique way to connect with the spiritual nature of birth. Anna Watts & Liz Watters have created a set of 24 cards & a guide book which invites you through, concious conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting, to choose the experience you want and reach for the highest expression of love you can embrace. Mothers, midwives, birth attendants and therapists can use this vital tool to heal the past and create the future. “We believe that in doing so we can transform birth and through birth, transform life on the planet.” (AUS)

    Midwifery Today
    Learn all about midwifery, pregnancy, birth, homebirth, natural birth, breastfeeding, and herbs from MIDWIFERY TODAY magazine. FREE birth-related email newsletter and forums!
    BellyBelly is an exciting and informative Australian-based website, dedicated to all things from pre-conception to parenthood. We are pleased to bring you the advice and experience of our industry experts, the quality brand-name products you know and trust, as well as lots of services and information that you may need along the way. BellyBelly seeks answers to the questions that you really want to know about pre-conception to parenthood.
    A site created to provide information for parents considering the nappy choices available for their babies. My aim is to provide parents with real information regarding cloth nappies so that they can make a properly informed decision as to what is best for their baby.
    A place for Australian parents to chat and exchange ideas about attachment and alternative parenting.  Fantastic forum.
    Bubs Duds retails new and gently used clothing (including a large range of designer clothing), toys, books, nursery equipment and more from our online store, providing parents with the ease of home shopping and doorstep delivery.
    Doula training courses, birth options, and babies group. (AUS)
    For Women At Home is a group, for women who are at home whether for 6 weeks or 60 years, full time, part time or who work from home. The website includes Children’s Activities, What’s On, Moneywise, Returnig to Work and lots more.(AUS)
    An Australian business selling a range of Natural Menstrual pads and accessories, including post-partum pads. (AUS)
    BirthLove-The Revolutionary Passion of Mothering. From their site: “The passion of mothering is not a New Age idea… it’s a Stone Age absolute. Deep within us is a fantastic pulse of ferocious love: it binds us to our babies, and makes us vigilant in their lifelong care. This pulse has been eroded by the institutionalization of many basic life events; most significantly, childbirth and learning. Instead of ancient mothers selfishly guarding the individual loves and virtues of our children, we become modern custodians for the state- breeders and caregivers of an easily manipulated populace.”

    Check out the BirthLove Forums –
    A Natural Birth and Parenting Board with worldwide ‘connections’ forums. Helping you connect with your local natural mothers, includes an Australian forum board to help mamas connect. This forum is now accessible my subscription, but their main site still has heaps of great articles available.
    Blissful Beginnings
    ,Wollongong, NSW
    Birth & Parenting Education,
    Want classes that are individualised to your needs at times convenient to you, we provide classes for everyone, set in a friendly environment for those trying to avoid the hospitals. Offering Preconception, Early pregnancy, multiple birth and refresher classes in addition to the usual birth & parenting. Group or individual classes available.
    Blissful Beginnings 0418 292 169
    Birth Support Bendigo – local birth options, birth stories and Robyn Smith’s beautiful birth photos.  
    A resource site for midwives and childbirth educators. Excellent links and articles. (Australian) 
    Great mamas site includes listings of companies that are earth friendly- free websites – cool chatrooms. (US) 
    a beautifully presented site with info and photos on home birth and breastfeeding. (US)
    An informative website for those interested in homebirthing in the Sydney Region. General Info Such As Aims, Membership, Meetings, Excellent Articles. Also listings of home birth midwives in the Sydney Region and other Pregnancy & Birth Services. (AUS)
    Formerly the Nursing Mothers’ Assocation of Australia, The Australian Breastfeeding Assocation is a large community-based self-help group, recognised as a leading authority on breastfeeding. The Assocation provides innovative counselling and support services to the community and health sector throughout Australia. You will find a wealth of information for both breastfeeding women and for health professionals and others who are involved in supporting and promoting breastfeeding on their website.  
    Cairns Midwifery Service – The service provides prenatal education and postnatal, lactation services,
    and also manufacture their own baby slings, the Comfy Carry. (AUS)
    A female professional midwife from Queensland showcases her beautiful images – photos and paintings. Cathy Smith and Nigel Duncan of Concept Images. View the galleries or order from the site.(AUS)
    The site for Mothering magazine. Excellent resources and articles. 
    A hip and funky website for mamas based on their zine hipmama- especially for those into music and single mamas and teen mamas. (US)
    A fantastic site with heaps of info on attachment parenting. (US)
    Heaps of parenting articles (US)
    Midwife, Jane Palmer’s site. Very informative, great articles.
    Pinky McKay is a Melbourne based writer and editor specialising in health, education and family issues. Her site has great articles, resources and links, and it’s Australian!
    Check out her new book “Parenting by Heart”. 
    Excellent site on psychology of birth and prenatal effects on babies. Great book listings (US)
    A fabulous resource of articles on health, spirituality, relationships, parenting, creating realities and sexuality. (US)
    The Wannabee Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation established to build an information network for parents who are seeking natural ways to improve their childÕs health, literacy and self esteem. The aim of The Wannabee Foundation is to provide assistance and information to parents to aid them in giving their children a solid foundation on which to build a healthy productive life. To do this we are creating a communications network. At this time we have a website, we arrange talks to parent groups and produce news bulletins. On the website, we cover ways to build up your childÕs immune system, we bring you news items, events that you can attend and research papers from professionals on, autism, literacy and other associated areas. (AUS)

    Excellent site on attachment parenting, homeschooling, sleeping, breastfeeding and more. Includes a global gallery of children’s art work. They say “children behave as well as they are treated”. (US)
    For people interested in the psychic abilities of children. Set up by a mama and her daughter.(US)
    Great site for vegetarian families. (US)

    PapaInk! The International Children’s Art Archive
    PapaInk, the International Children’s Art Archive, is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and preserving children’s art and reinjecting children’s creative spirit into human discourse. Our archival work highlights the socially critical efforts of organizations and individuals who enable children’s artistic undertakings. PapaInk’s world historical archive of children’s art brings together and professionally presents the children’s art holdings of organizations such as the UN, SOS Children’s Village and the Jewish Museum in Prague. Fueled by a largely volunteer staff of iCurators, PapaInk’s archive is consists of a growing collection of historically significant children’s art (e.g., from WWI, WWII, the Spanish Civil War, the Rwandan Civil War) as well as artwork from contemporary children around the world and the childhood works of professional artists. PapaInk provides an open archive and no-cost archival services to organizations and individuals all over the world, enabling the set-up and building out of permanent galleries of children’s art.

    Cool Kids Sites
    The Mad Scientist’s Network with hundreds of scientists waiting to answer your email question – or check out the archives to see if some other bright spark has thought of it before you.

    Environmental Sites 
    Greenpeace  web site in Australia- great resources and links.
    Set up by Lester Brown and his Worldwatch Institute. Compile a State of the World Report each year.  (US)
    Music downloads from third world countries.

    Women’s Sites  
     An awesome web resource of links relating to everything to do with women. Heaps of pregnancy and birth links and more. An excellent Australian site. 
    Fantastic site for creative women- fiction, non-fiction, poetry and song. Great links. (US)
    Starhawk’s website- women’s issues, pagan, earth activist

    Family Health
    Latest mainstream health news with a focus on children’s health. Useful family health resource. (Australian)
    Australian Vaccination Network site – info on immunisation and the possible risks involved. (AUS)

    Send in your favourite sites to [email protected]

    “We are not extraordinary women.

    Yet we know how to nurture.

    We are mothers.”

    Sheila Kitzinger